Choose Replacement Cladding for your Home or Business

There are many reasons why your building would need it’s cladding replaced, either in part or every wall. We live in a harsh climate…OK, it’s not the freezing Arctic or windy plains of Africa but our main problems though are a hot Sun and high humidity.

Why Replace your Cladding?

  • Replace weathered boards
  • Removal of Asbestos sheeting
  • Aesthetic upgrades
  • Essential repairs to building frame
  • Non-intrusive rewiring or plumbing
  • Installation of insulation
  • Added security
  • Weathertightness
  • Improved value
  • Remove stigma of scruffy sheeting

Existing Cladding

It’s no wonder then that most of our requests for Replacement Cladding on walls are due to weathering. Wooden boards (either treated or natural) have a limited lifespan in Queensland and their replacement is a necessity if you wish to keep your premises wind and water tight.

Other forms of cladding used throughout Australia include “fibro” cement sheeting (which come with their own inherent health implications – pre 1975, sheeting products contained Asbestos to help bind the cement together). We don’t recommend trying to ascertain this yourself.

There are risks involved but we are well practiced in making a diagnostic check and bringing in a specialist team to remove and dispose of it. If we won’t touch it, we recommend you don’t either.

Synthetic boards were used throughout the eighties and again their limited shelf life necessitates changing 30 years on.

So, what are the choices in Replacement Cladding?

  • Brick and Stone
  • Concrete and Plaster
  • Metal and Steel
  • Modern Cement boards and panels
  • Timber

Fuss Free Work with Brind Built Constructions

Replacement cladding occurs on the outside of your home or office, and you’re able to continue working or living as ususal. When we use power tools, we’ll work with you to minimise any noise disruption. We will remove existing cladding ourselves, or in the case of Asbestos, use a state approved team. On completion, we’ll clean up after ourselves – we’re all housetrained.

Added Benefits

Aside from improving the value and security of your home, office or factory, replacing your cladding is an ideal time to install or upgrade existing insulation, replace wiring, check plumbing or inspect the frame for insect or water damage.


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