Garden Sheds in North West Brisbane

No longer the preserve of middle aged men hiding from the noise and bustle of their families, sheds are now going mainstream!

Let’s face it, we all need a little humpy to get away from it all every now and then….and these little places provide all of that, tucked away in that long forgotten corner of the backyard.

Garden Sheds for a New Generation

It used to be in times gone past that a shed was where you stored the lawnmower or honed your woodworking skills to perfection. With today’s low maintenance backyards and our emphasis on domestic leisure, NOT domestic chores, a shed’s purpose has changed to meet our new lifestyles.

We find customers simply want a place to sit and ponder, to switch on the radio, watch horse racing undisturbed, make wine and beer, keep birds, workout with weights – yup, the urban man-cave is still going strong!

The Brind Built Shed Solution…

We build Urban Man-Cave sheds to suit all budgets, from simple places to store tools to the full enchelada with break-out areas to Urban Firepits and custom seating with ducted cooling (only kidding on that last bit!).


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