Garages and Carports - New build or repair

Second to owning a motor vehicle in QLD, is having a safe and secure place to store it. We have a burning sun like no other state which destroys paint, rubber and other trims on the outside of cars but bakes dashboard materials and the contents of the vehicle. It’s also more than a little unpleasant climbing into a vehicle that resmbles a furnace inside!

Installing a Carport or Garage

Most of us install a Carport to provide shade and protection against rain and hail. You get the added benefit of having your car windows open for ventilation, even when it’s chucking it down outside. Carports then, are incredibly useful structures but also add value to your property – real estate agents list them as selling features, yet their cost is relatively low.

Advances in materials in recent years can bring increased levels of comfort to your carport – take SolarSpan roofing for example – it’s a product engineered with insulative qualities that are class leading.

The same benefits to car, ute, van and motorbike owners applies to a Garage. We will either build a bespoke garage from scratch that blends harmoniously with your existing home, or, we will supply and install a prefabricated unit that provides you with added security over a carport.

How Easy?

We’ll listen to your requirements, advise on building permits and bylaws, and take care of the construction while you spend your time at work or with friends and family. The most you’ll have to do is agree to the works, then play with the remote garage door key when we’re finished!

Replace or Repair a Garage?

Well, that of course is entirely your choice. In many cases, existing carports and garages need an aesthetic upgrade to look more contemporary and blend in better with your home. Replacing the roofing material and replacing the cladding are simple ways to make an old structure look amazing and weathertight. The improved value to your home is instant.

Many Garages and carports were built decades ago when families owned a single car – we regularly find families with 2 or 3 vehicles, all fighting over the coveted shady spot in the driveway! If space permits, removing that single garage and upgrading to something large enough for all the family’s machines can only improve the mood round the dinner table.

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