Urban Firepits in Brisbane North

Are we losing touch with our inner-caveman? Has "health and safety" dulled our sense of adventure to the extent we no longer embark on anything remotely different? What effect is that having on our children when they are fearful of most things and unwilling to try new things?

Perhaps there's a way to combine suburban chic with our more primative longings.....well, we've reinvented the wheel, so to speak. Introducing the Urban Firepit!


Sparking Interest in the Outdoor Fireplace

In our modern homes, we have no real need for open fires when we can flick a switch for warmth and light - we're spoilt, really. Out in our gardens though, it's a different matter and we've been buiding urban firepits in Brisbane backyards for years. Forget a cast iron imported unit you can buy at Bunnings or a dirty hole in the ground - they're great to whet the appetite but why spend money and time on something that offers very little aesthetic improvement and financial value to your leisure space?

Be the first in your street to have an Urban Firepit!

Our Urban Firepits are built into your landscaping and they're designed to blend seamlessly into your entertaining spaces. Whether you fire one up for a chilly winter's evening toasting marshmallows or as a living backdrop to a summer party, an Urban Firepit is a great addition to your home and a wonderful way to re-engage with your inner-caveman!

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