Custom Pizza Ovens in North West Brisbane

There's a craze sweeping the country and it's not Beatlemania or the return of flared trousers (just wait 10 years)'s a revolution in backyard leisuretime. Unlike other revolutions; no one is disposed of, no economy gets shattered and needs UN assistance and no one gets hurt.....

Look on it more like a friendly takeover, or tastover


Mega BBQ? Think Pizza Oven!

This season, Australians will fire up more woodfired pizza ovens than ever before and at Brind Built Constructions, we're becoming known as a builder of bespoke pizza ovens in the North Brisbane area!

We can't claim any direct Italian descendancy nor any strong affinity with the Italian Serie A football league but we do like pizza and we're pretty good at crafting customised ovens to cook them in. In a recent project in Samford, we were asked to create an alfresco focal point for a large family who like to entertain outside. They were pretty keen on a mega-bbq area until we suggested the ultra coolness of a multifunctional pizza oven.

Social Cooking

The benefits of social cooking are immense. It seems that as social creatures, we like nothing better than to gather in large numbers; to eat, drink and make merry. So, nothing much has changed since primitive times. What we have done though is swap the spit and large, smokey open fires for safer and more practical forms of entertainment.

The Samford family needed a pizza oven that catered for their needs, but could also churn out pizzas and baked goods for extended family we built an extra large unit and their home has since been dubbed "The Camp Mountain Pizza Company" - it's not a commercial concern but the family get a kick out of it!

These are multi-use ovens and aside from pizza, they can also be used for:

  • Smoking meat and fish
  • Baking bread
  • Soups
  • Sunday roasts
  • Pies and flans

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