Chris Brind

Chris Brind

I am Chris Brind the owner and operator of Brind Built Constructions.  I work in conjunction with a dedicated team of other local, qualified tradesmen.

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Urban Firepits in Brisbane North

Are we losing touch with our inner-caveman? Has "health and safety" dulled our sense of adventure to the extent we no longer embark on anything remotely different? What effect is that having on our children when they are fearful of most things and unwilling to try new things?

Perhaps there's a way to combine suburban chic with our more primative longings.....well, we've reinvented the wheel, so to speak. Introducing the Urban Firepit!


Custom Pizza Ovens in North West Brisbane

There's a craze sweeping the country and it's not Beatlemania or the return of flared trousers (just wait 10 years)'s a revolution in backyard leisuretime. Unlike other revolutions; no one is disposed of, no economy gets shattered and needs UN assistance and no one gets hurt.....

Look on it more like a friendly takeover, or tastover


Landscaping for North Brisbane Homes and Offices

Chris Brind began his career as a landscaper before qualifying as a builder, and our strongest focus is creating unique outdoor areas to suit our Queensland lifestyle.


Project Managed Renovations in Brisbane

Have you recently purchased a new home? Are you interested in renovating your family home or investment property? Are you worried about the stress of organising trades and don’t know where to start?

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